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Financial Services Taxation
Mark L. Farber, CPA PC’s Financial Services practice has extensive experience providing tax and consulting services with a focus on investment partnerships, broker dealers, and international banks. Learn More..

International Bank Taxation
Mark L. Farber CPA PC specializes in the taxation of U.S. branches and agencies of International banks. Learn More..

Hedge Fund and Private Equity Taxation
Mark L. Farber CPA PC provides crucial tax advice in structuring and documenting private equity and hedge funds. Learn More..

The legislative intent of FATCA is to ensure that no gap exists in the ability of the U.S. government to determine the ownership of U.S. assets in foreign accounts. Learn More..

Global Information Reporting
The Internal Revenue Service recently increased its focus and resources on certain types of U.S. income tax withholding and foreign information reporting. Learn More..

Tax Support & Recovery
We understand the challenges and obstacles financially challenged companies face in these trying times and with my experience in these situations I can help them through these demanding periods. Learn More..

International Assignment Services
Companies are sourcing talent around the world due to increased activity in emerging markets and rapid globalization. Learn More..

Inbound International Tax Services
The difficult current economic environment provides a number of challenges and opportunities for foreign-based companies with investments in the United States as well as those considering investments in the United States. Learn More..

State and Local Tax Services
We recognize that multi-state taxation is always shifting and has become increasingly complex. States and municipalities aggressively seek to cover budget shortfalls. Learn More..

Tax Accounting Services
New legislation related to financial statements is presenting a new challenge for both public and private businesses: Properly accounting and documenting for income taxes. Learn More..

Independent Business Group
We work with a select group of independent and entrepreneurial business clients where we assist companies in managing their tax liabilities which allow business owners to focus on running their business and become more profitable. Learn More..

Law Firm Services
Law firms face many of the same tax issues and enjoy similar tax benefits as other businesses. Learn More..

Tax Dispute Resolution Services - IRS Practice & Procedure
An IRS, State or local tax examination or audit can disrupt your business operations and, if not handled properly and controlled, can materially affect business operations and your bottom line. Learn More..