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FATCA Advisory Services

Early in the process, we recommend that your financial institution retain a U.S. based FATCA Advisor as part of the FATCA task force or program team that will oversee the day-to-day operations to becoming FATCA compliant. As FATCA relies on U.S. tax legislation, U.S. regulations and U.S. rulings we believe it is imperative for a financial institution to retain a U.S. based FATCA tax advisor to participate as part of the financial institution’s overall strategy for FATCA compliance. The task force in the United States should include in addition to the FATCA Advisor, members of your financial institution with representatives from tax, anti-money laundering, customer onboarding groups, technology, change management and operations as well as, potentially, other stakeholders. As the U.S. FATCA Advisor is based in New York he will enable the financial institution to respond quickly with IRS requests and to communicate updates and information regarding FATCA to your financial institution on a timely basis.